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I took a shit in my grandma’s cat’s litterbox when I was like 13 and my whole family was wilding out trying to figure out why the cat took such a huge dump. Then they took her to the vet and we found out she has feline HIV so in a way, I helped her.

this story was wild from start to finish

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GD - 140822 Instagram Update!

*NOTE: He deleted the caption and re-uploaded the image.

some fans just done fucked shit up. it’s hard to not curse at something like this when the man tells you upfront he is sick and tired of not being able to live his damn life. 

We all have boundaries and we want privacy. We all don’t want it to be invaded, no matter if we are public figures or not. Even if he as an artist exposes his life to us, there’s still a border line. It’s obvious to us all but some people still can’t understand it. It makes me mad even though it doesn’t involve me, so how mad can he be at the moment? And I completly understand this. For fuck’s sake he is human. I can’t believe many still are unable to understand this.

They are truly selfish. Not even once did they think of him…

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replayyyyyy <3

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